Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh em gee placeholder!

Hey bitches,

So... clearly, we've been total Jon Benet parents to you. (That's in terms of neglect, not brutal murder, natch.) And we're sorry! Well, that's not especially true. We do wish we'd posted more, but we think that your expectations of our investment in anything, let alone a blog, are so not fetch. But anyway, we're back in New York, we're back being bitchy (as if we ever stopped), and we have a whole twatload of new fashion victims from the good ol' US of A, so WATCH THE FUCK OUT, AMERICA! We're back with a vengeance to get more fans, more pageloads, and possibly someday soon recognition from SOMEONE aside from our dear neglected friends at Jess and Josh Talk About Stuff (at their new URL, bitches!).

Anyway, point is: sorry we've been gone, we have new material, we'll be back soon, read our motherfucking blog. That's all!

Fashion Bois (the I used ironically, of course)

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